Ruined by Maniacal Denial – HD

Totally unplanned and perfect! My first orgasm denial/ruined orgasm scene caught on camera… accidentally! After filming fetish porn all day chAos had been bugging Me for hours about his blue balls, so I told him to get naked and I’d give him a lapdance that would end in a blowjob. He did do such a good job holding the video camera for Me after all. I begin my strip tease by spreading my legs to show my lack of underwear underneath my short skirt, flash my tits but never take my clothes off, and then grind on chAos to get him hard. I prop myself up on the bench as I dig the thick heels of my black boots into his thighs. As I go down on him, I get all sloppy with my technique as I work him and start spitting all over chAos’ dick in between feverish swallowing of his schlong. I start getting tired as I continuously yank, pull, and suck, but I just grunt louder and louder until I start laughing at his desperation. When I finally begin to run out of steam he pleads for me not to stop and he manages to get one shot of cum out before I squeeze the tip of the shaft to deny him a pleasurable orgasm. His blue balls lingered on, hahahaha!

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